Boiler Service Surrey

Getting your boiler service completed regularly allows you to have peace of mind it is working properly.

At PJW Plumbers we are Gas Safe registered, and as part of our boiler service can make sure that your boiler isn’t leaking any poisonous gasses, and is working as efficiently as possible.

Our fees are typically £85+VAT for a standard boiler service, but for an exact quote please feel free to contact us.


What does your boiler service include?

We don’t just carry out the minimum legal checks, we service your boiler to a higher standard and ensure your gas pressure is set to the right levels.

A typical boiler service includes:

  • Clean out the condenser trap
  • Clean out the baffles and the buners
  • Clean up the spark electrodes and reset the gaps
  • Carry out a gas analyser test for the CO2 emissions

If we find any issues with your boiler, we will first provide a free quote before fixing them. We only carry out additional repairs once you have authorised them.

Once we are finished the service we can also provide a full service report if requested.

Boiler being serviced in Surrey

Make sure you book your service regularly with PJW Plumbers you can help avoid expensive repair bills when you least expect them.


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